A Baby For Elise – by Elise – a buried lust resurfaces and that I be affected the consequences. (MF, wife, swindle, intr, rom, preg)

A Baby For Elise – by Elise – a buried lust resurfaces and that I be affected the consequences. (MF, wife, swindle, intr, rom, preg)

A negative African feel – by Savvas – June and Ray accept a-two seasons acquire in Nigeria with great anticipation and enjoyment, but end right up bemoaning their unique decision. (MF, nc, blkmail, intr)

Abby was actually upcoming – by Rose Eastmann – A mother is raped by this model 13 yr old little girl’s date, you can find pills and soreness concerned and Abigail the youngest girl am then! (MFf, ped, nc, rp, v, intr, tablets)

Abducted Bride – by Pixnix creator – precisely what a heck of an effective way to devote a vacation, he previously purpose to imagine. Prior to him in Marseille his or her bride ended up being holding out after running out on him their particular first-night collectively in Paris. Utter, total stupidity, he grimaced, data of the final hours together flickering through his or her notice like reel of an oldtime noiseless flick. Maybe he had started a bit of coarse, but by Jesus she received it coming over to her. (MF, FF, girlfriend, connection, prost, intr, white-slavery, medication, dwarfs)

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Capture: Raining Cats and Dogs – by woman Jay and Ken L. professional – a teenage girl operates abroad. Consequently nearly at a time he is kidnapped by two guys with an unusual fetish. (MM/m-teen, beast/m-teen, nc, rp, very first, intr, bd, huml, cd, tg, rectal) parts 2

Abigail – by Intempo – Abigail Fields was actually a bad girl, she have for ages been a whore, this model mama got a whore, the woman starting recollections of sexual intercourse would be riding one of the mother’s black color boyfriends when this gal ended up being around fourteen. She wasn’t planning to try to let somewhat factor like union halt this lady from fucking the cherished black penises. (FM, MM-bi, reluc, intr, huml, dental, anal, orgy, d/s, cuck)

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a Birthday Present for Traci – by Bugman – later on Traci was 12 years of age. The lady good friend Amy have a huge offer on her behalf. Darl, Amy’s 21 year old brother, owning an overly big dick. (M/g, ped, inc, bi, intr, 1st)

a propagation Performance – by Karen Kay – a striking crazy homemaker groups up with a well-built hung black color husband to perform on stage for light male patrons. She meets two biggest trouble once they fly into Michigan to complete at a private show. (FFM, exh, reluc, intr)

a Cabin Trip on your housemaid – by Pallidan – girl finds out during a vacation together with her mama and their maid, just who real domme of your home happens to be. (FF, dom, v, bd, intr)

A Case Of Mistaken identification – by Bhuralund – my partner went into certainly the girl common amnesia symptoms while she was actually covering up from my personal two older brothers and their two black color neighbors – seeing you unexpected after a wet video game of football – under-the-table. I do think, she merely mistook my cousin’s penis for mine after which everything viable gone incorrect. or right! (MMF, wife, intr, bi, length, creampie)

Accidental options – by MisterMistaken – A young husband gets greater than the man bargained to use when scouting completely a residential district homes for a future robbery. Products run far better than the guy ever prepared. (Fm, voy, intr, mast, oral)

Ace Of Spades – by Brenda – a partner’s fantasy try satisfied by a young black colored boy. She received always wanted to know what charcoal was like and she was not upset. (F/m-teen, partner, swindle, intr)

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a cheat Husband’s Revenge – by KarenKay – a spouse try noticed cheating as well as the partner resorts to the woman black colored president for luxury. (MF, rom, intr) parts 2

A cool evening in London – by Otto Erotic – a new girl considers she’s being as well as a complete stranger. (MF, rp, intr, v, pills, sn)

A Contract ahead For revival – by creator on Africa – An African boss exerts his or her capacity to continue his own power over a white family members. (MMF, intr, reluc, cuck)

a desire for white Cock – by Charlo – this can be a true history generally speaking in just some dreams thrown in. They says to of a mature woman exactly who fantasizes around and craves black color boner. If you like to read about interracial sex, this one is for you. (MMF, BBW, intr, reluc, mast)

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